Change for state representative

Change for state representative

To the editor:

There are two conservatives running for state representative. While they share the views and outlook on governance of our region, there is more to being a good representative than checking boxes on philosophy. That is only the beginning point of the job.

Nino Vitale is very adept at introducing bills that get his name in the Columbus press but have close to zero chance of ever passing. These make him out to be a conservative rock star to some and are good for his ego, but don’t do anything to help the people of our district.

We have serious needs in our region. The crisis of alcohol and illicit drug addiction, storm water management, energy policy, state highways with safety upgrades done in Columbus and Dayton but not in our communities; providing our schools the same resources as big cities and their suburbs as well as unfunded mandates straining our local communities impact our lives every day. On these issues, Vitale has been completely absent. While they don’t get his ego fed with headlines, they are exactly what we need our representative working on. Addressing them requires a conservative who will advocate for us.

We need a change this May to someone who will be in Columbus serving us and not himself. That is why we need to vote for Justin Griffis to make our voices heard.

Anthony Hunter


Change for state representative