Support Heilers for state representative

Support Heilers for state representative

To the editor:

I would like to ask for support in electing Aaron Heilers as our representative in the 84th district.

I have known Aaron and his family for many years; they are a loving, caring, hardworking, faith base people that, to me, reflects everything I want in a representative.

Aaron has been a leader in our community his entire life though many different local and state organizations like, Farm Bureau, church, Shelby County Fairboard, and the Republican party. He has done all these things not to help run for office, not to gain favor with others, and not for personal gain but to help make our community better. And I believe he will continue to make our community better as our state representative. I know that Aaron will bring commonsense leadership for our district and the state house.

I believe that our state government has turned their back on local government, and by doing so, turned their back on the people. As a Botkins Village councilman, I tell you that the state government has been withholding local government funds for years. They have also threatened to take away municipalities’ ability to tax, which would bankrupt the community and stop services such as water, sewage, road repair, police, and fire, if the cities and villages didn’t confirm to their rules.

I believe Aaron is the only candidate that will not be a repeat of what we have had in the past and will work with community leaders to help make the 84th district a better, safer place to live and work.

As a community leader, father and friend, I ask for your help in supporting Aaron Heilers for state representative.

Lance Symonds


Support Heilers for state representative