Vote Aaron Heilers for on May 8

Vote Aaron Heilers for on May 8

To the editor:

On May 8, 2018, I would like to invite voters to cast their choice of state representative for the 84th district to Aaron Heilers.

I have had the pleasure of witnessing Aaron and his family work, volunteer, and interact with our local citizens and other communities. Aaron is a candidate that strongly displays honesty, integrity and loyalty. He has a passion and the foresight of a great future for his family and the communities that make up the 84th district. A willingness to do what’s needed to help secure the needs of our local governments to be able to give to their communities the resources to better themselves. For too long now, big government has mandated without compensating, while local governments have had to burden their taxpayers with the load. Aaron strives to change.

Aaron has always stood upon his own podium and, even though his credentials are every bit as qualifying as others, he’s chosen to stress the real reason he accepted this challenge of representation at the earliest stage — the need to try to help create a feasible and promising future for his family and community.

Besides the labeling of all the predictable political buzzwords and titles, Aaron is genuine and has an immense desire to serve the people of the 84th district. He hasn’t indulged and has no tolerance for mudslinging or dirty politics.

My father, the wisest man I’ve ever known, instilled a belief in us at a young age that the Good Lord put us on this earth, not for ourselves, but to serve and help others. I sincerely believe Aaron follows this same philosophy and deserves my vote for state representative of the 84th district.

Bart Shuster


Vote Aaron Heilers for on May 8