Letter to the editor:

I would like to thank the citizens of Shelby, Logan and Champaign County, the other candidates for the 85th District State Representative Office, and the party officials for a great primary campaign season. All across the great state of Ohio, I read stories of shrill campaign mean-spiritedness, disingenuousness and high shenanigans. Demonstrating west-central Ohio values, the candidates: Rochelle Foulke, Justin Griffis and Nino Vitale were positive role models whom conducted themselves and their campaigns in a dignified, respectful manner which highlighted their differences of opinion with an absence of disparaging other candidates or other ideas. It was a pleasure running on the same field as them to serve the citizens of the 85th District.

Additionally, the conduct of the voters, supporters and local party officials was wonderful. I would also like to thank the Republican Party Committee County Chairs, Julie Ehmann of Shelby County; Rene Lentz of Logan County and former Champaign County Chair Audra Bean (and current Chair Rochelle Foulke) for their integrity and character by presenting voters with the outstanding choice of candidates named above and ensuring that our counties again demonstrated that political campaigns can be conducted in a respectful, dignified manner.


Joe Ratermann