All human life deserves respect

All human life deserves respect

To the editor:

A lot of discussion lately regarding President Trump’s referring to MS-13 gang members as animals. The dialogue has really shaken-up the liberals, who want us to believe they are so warm hearted and care for all — when in reality they are just trying are just trying to enlarge their voting base. They’d be glad to have MS-13 gangsters some how vote Democratic.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi is really upset with President Trump. How can he call MS-13 gang members animals? Pelosi says, “We are all God’s children with a spark of divinity. There is dignity in every person.”

Yes, Nancy, I agree with you 100 percent. There is dignity in every person. But how about that “spark of divinity” on EVERY human being? From where does that “spark” come? Might it be from God at the time each of us is conceived, making us all human beings?

You express so much concern about the dignity of MS-13 gang members but no concern, respect or dignity for the some 45 million human babies — yes that is 45,000,000 — that have been destroyed in the womb since the legalization of abortion … and abortion is supported by you and your liberal cohorts.

Larry Wilberding


All human life deserves respect