Remembering Woody’s Market


To the editor:

It is a sad day for our community. Another locally owned business has turned off the lights, placed the closed sign in the window, locked the door, and walked away for the last time. Woody’s Market is now a part of Sidney’s history. I can remember my dad calling it “that little meat market on the corner.” It was a market where you always knew you were going to get a quality product. If you didn’t see what you needed in the meat case, Roger or Karl would cut it for you while you waited. I will miss the homemade sausage, barbecued beef and other numerous items they made at the store.

Woody’s was a part of the FISH food pantry for a very long time. We would send our clients there and Woody’s would fill their food voucher. At the end of the month we would reimburse them for what they gave out. We are fortunate to have Sidney Foodtown take over that service for us and we appreciate them but we will miss Woody’s.

We want to wish the entire Wooddell family the best in the future. Roger, Karl and Sandi, we enjoyed working with you and thanks for the memories!

Becky Gillman

FISH President