Elections board should resign


To the editor:

This past week, the Shelby County Board of Elections certified the results from the recent general election. They have finished their work, and I believe that is is now time for them to resign.

Their pursuit of a personal vendetta against one of the finest public servants this community has ever known makes them unfit to hold office. Perhaps they do not like Mike Barhorst because he gets things done — he tackles issues that befuddle others and finds way to overcome those issues.

He works hard, and for that he makes $5,000 a year as our mayor. Because of the actions of the Board of Elections, he was forced to hire an attorney just to get on the ballot to give the voters the opportunity to vote for him. Paying his legal fees will wipe out his salary for almost all of his four-year term.

Why? Because the board didn’t know state law, and stubbornly refused to listen when Judge Jim Stevenson attempted to educate them.

I’m going to go out on a limb and do two things. First, I’m going to suggest that all of you who think it’s time for the Board of Elections to be fired join me in writing a letter insisting that they resign. Then, I’m, going to ask that all of us who voted for him — all 3,258 of us — send his campaign treasurer $5 to help him pay his legal bill.

Did I mention it already? It’s time for the Board of Elections to go. Thanks for listening.

Janet Born