Republican Central Committee treasurer responds to questions

Republican Central Committee treasurer responds to questions

To the editor:

Due to the widespread publicity surrounding the editorial written by Chris Gibbs concerning tariffs affecting farmers, I have been asked whether Mr. Gibbs speaks on behalf of the local Republican Central Committee.

The folks who have asked me are aware that Mr. Gibbs was once the executive chairman of the local party. They asked me because I am a member and current treasurer of the Shelby County Republican Central Committee. As such, I am not an official spokesperson for the local party but am “in the know” concerning Chris Gibbs’s current status.

Mr. Gibbs is a current member of the committee in good standing, but no longer has an official leadership role in the party. I believe his views on this matter are entirely his own and I make no comment on them one way or the other. To my knowledge, the subject of his editorial has never been addressed by our committee and certainly no official action taken on it.

My personal observation of discussions with other central committee members is that they are almost unanimous in their support of President Trump and his policies.

I took sole initiative to write this letter. Anyone wishing to get official feedback from our local party should contact our current Executive Chairman Aaron Heilers or Central Committee Chair Lance Symonds.

Dennis York


Republican Central Committee treasurer responds to questions