Reader shares thoughts on immigration

To the editor:

I have been watching both sides of the arguments concerning the immigration issue here in America. It seems to be mostly about what I will call the “here.” Neither side is satisfied with the current situation.

The constitution gives the responsibility for writing immigration laws to the legislative branch. The Congress makes those laws with suggestions and other inputs from the Executive Branch. When those laws are passed and signed into law, it is then the job of the Executive Branch to execute and administer those laws. The Congress has oversight of the implementation of those laws. Nothing seems to be happening. Why?

Nobody seems to be expressing concerns about what I call the “there.” Where are all the shouting, banner waving demonstrations at the United Nations in New York and outside the embassies in Washington of those countries who govern so badly that they drive their citizens to our borders.

America has always welcomed immigrants, and I hope we always will. But there has to be limits.

Tell your Congress man or woman it is now time to act on the immigration issue. During my working career I tried to live by the motto of “results not excuses.” I also tried to keep in mind something a gentleman of Irish heritage told me. “If you can’t boost, don’t knock.”

Larry Grieshop