Writer criticizes court decision


To the editor:

In response to articles about Judge James Stevenson’s and Prosecutor Tim Sell’s supposed opposition to drug abuse, I am urging voters to oppose them for their actual lack of concern over parents who introduce children to illegal drugs.

I know, very well, of a recent divorce case wherein the magistrate who oversaw it noted the father’s love for his daughter and recommended he get visitation two days per week, plus alternating weekends. That father ran out of money for a lawyer, but pleaded on his own to Judge James Stevenson, asking for fifty-fifty shared parenting. He noted that the mother was not fit for full custody, because she was, very recently, shown guilty of corrupting a minor with illegal drug use.

Stevenson — amazingly — responded to this plea by cutting that father down to bare bones minimum visitation, giving full custody to the drug-corrupting mother. Just as shocking, that mother was represented by Prosecutor Tim Sell through his private practice with his full knowledge that she had committed this drug corrupting act which was well within the statute of limitations as a prosecutable, felony crime.

Stevenson and Sell showed a lack of proper concern over parents who corrupt children with drugs and — might I add — a disdain for fatherhood. Remember that in the primaries and elections.

Dave McMahan