Grandma praises young letter writers


To the editor:

Josiah and Jeffrey Nickels, bless both of your young hearts! You both touched my heart in two different ways and definitely brought tears to my eyes when I read your letters to the editor in the Sidney Daily News on Friday, Dec. 11, 2015.

Josiah, thank you for your belief in our Pledge of Allegiance and feeling strongly that it should be said on a daily basis in school. I have a lot military roots in my family, including my father, who was a tailgunner in a B-24 during World War II. Thank God he survived, otherwise, I would not have been here to recite the pledge myself. You are very right. So many have sacrificed during times of war, whether it be loss of limbs, returning with PTSD, or the ultimate sacrifice of giving their life to their country. Once again, you are right, these men and women need to be honored as well as our flag, which represents them. Thank you, young man, for realizing the significance of honoring them by wanting to say the pledge. If my father was still alive, he would probably salute you.

Jeffrey, I also appreciate what you said about Common Core. For the life of me, I cannot understand why this was ever brought into the classroom. I know it is hard because I have a third-grade grandson and he, too, is already having to do it. I do not understand why a simple 2 + 2 = 4 teaching method is still not used in the classroom. Why do kids have to go through 10 steps to solve a basic math problem? I recently read an article that a Common Core problem even stumped a college professor! So, don’t feel bad if you are struggling with it. I know parents are trying to help their children with it and they are stressed out, too, because they can’t understand it either. I applaud your feelings and agree wholeheartedly as well. Let’s get back to basics and life would be so much easier for the students, their parents and teachers. Maybe replace Common Core with some good, old-fashioned common sense?

It is obvious both of you young people have our opinions on these two issues and know that this grandma supports you both! Thank you for writing these articles and speaking for so many … both young and old. Merry Christmas!

Michelle Brown