Reader responds to recent column

To the editor:

I read with amazement and alarm your Op-Ed piece titled, “Neil Armstrong movie about more than flag-planting.” It seems, in your opinion, since “Armstrong spent a lifetime practicing humility and keeping his emotions in check” and he “preferred to stay in the background over accepting accolades, etc.” that was proof positive that he and Buzz Aldrin’s act of spending 10 minutes planting the American flag on the moon and then saluting the stars and stripes was of little or no importance to the movie “First Man.”

Seriously? Then to call people who objected to or were outraged by this flagrant omission to an important moment in history “so called patriots” was just another prime example of liberal effrontery and harassment to those of us who feel that the omission of that scene was a calculated effort to undermine or eliminate any feeling of patriotism or pride in our country one might feel in witnessing such a scene.

How could anyone not be concerned that every day we are witnessing the undermining and sabotaging of the ideals, strengths and vision of our great country. It was Americans who put the first man on the moon. It was Americans who took the first steps on the moon, and it was the American flag that was the first flag to be planted on the moon’s surface. To omit this truly important and historic scene in such a movie is a tragedy and because of that, all artistic integrity in making that movie was compromised by a “pseudo progressive liberal” agenda that is so very prevalent in Hollywood today. (And obviously in our very own hometown newspaper!)

Your closing line, “See you at the movies …” was lost on me and millions of other Americans who are sick and tired of the belittling of America. Sorry, but you won’t be seeing me there.

Sandy Monnin