Animal shelter sponsors still needed

To the editor:

As tailgating season has arrived, SCARF continues to raise money for some furry tails…. Dog tails that is.

The county recently awarded a bid to Westerheide Construction for the building of the new animal shelter and adoption center, and SCARF will continue to raise funds for its construction. Several high-traffic areas of the new animal shelter remain unsponsored. These include:

Volunteer locker room (co-sponsorship) $9,000 one needed

HOPE Drive (Driveway & Parking) $50,000

K-9 Lane – Dog Kennel Wing No. 1 (Front) $75,000

K-9 Lane – Dog Kennel Wing No. 2 (Back) $100,000

Public restroom $13,500

Besides sponsoring various locations of the shelter, persons can show their support by sponsoring a brick in the amount of one hundred dollars or by achieving various giving levels ranging from $500 to $10,000 on the Paws of Fame sponsorship wall.

The current shelter, built in 1971 and expanded in 1998, is no longer adequate to serve the needs of the county’s pet population. The final design of the new shelter includes a public restroom, staff and volunteer locker areas, a proper food storage and preparation area, proper quarantine spaces, and proper laundry area among many others. Surfaces will be appropriate to control and prevent disease and the facility will include a central power washer to maintain hygienic surfaces. The building will contain a custom-designed heating and ventilation system to maintain proper temperature and humidity levels and prevent odors from accumulating. The expansion in space will provide for appropriate-sized kennels to house 60 dogs and cats, adequate staff work areas and include a community outreach center that will be utilized for education and other activities.

While SCARF is raising the funds for the construction, the Animal Shelter will continue to be operated by county employees under the sheriff’s supervision.

The community is encouraged to speak to shelter staff and SCARF volunteers for any questions regarding the needs of the shelter or visit

Upcoming events for SCARF include Cans for Canines on Oct. 13, Walk to End Parvo on Oct. 6, or the next pet adoption drive at Pet-Valu on Nov. 3.

Deb Hovestreydt


Shelby County Animal Rescue Foundation