Time for a change in the Senate! Vote for Renacci

Editors note: The headline of this letter, which ran on the Friday, Oct. 12 Opinion page, gave the wrong impression of the letter writer’s position. The Sidney Daily News regrets the error.

To the editor:

It’s time for a change in the Senate! Jim Renacci has a record of voting in the House for tax cuts, for reducing government regulation, for border security, against illegal immigration, and against sanctuary cities and against abortion. Jim Renacci is for the repeal of Obama care and a market based health care system driven by competition and defined by choice affordability and access to quality care. Jim is a business man and job creator.

Sherrod Brown has voted for sanctuary cities, for Obamacare and its expansion, for same sex marriage, against the repeal of Obamacare, against border security, against English as national language, against tax cuts, against bills to reduce government regulations, against Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and Brent Kavanaugh, against most Trump appointments, against gun rights (Rated F by NRA) and against the 20-week abortion ban. Brown’s voting record shows him to be an Obama hard core liberal Democrat who votes for big government, limiting our freedoms and rights. (ontheissues.org)

A vote for Brown is a vote for Democratic control of the Senate.

A vote for Brown is a vote for Chuck Schumer as Majority Leader and Democratic leadership for all Senate Committees.

A vote for Brown is a vote for Diane Feinstein to be the chair for the Judiciary Committee.

The choice is clear. Please vote for Jim Renacci for Unites States Senate on Nov. 6!

Colleen Tebbe