Vote “yes” for Sidney City School levy

To the editor:

I am and always have been a staunch supporter of Sidney City Schools. As a lifelong Sidney resident, you could say it is in my blood.

I am a current employee of Sidney City Schools, but my letter of support is representative of the district as a former student, current resident, parent, and employee.

Our district, along with other public schools, faces challenges daily. Everything from the highest learners to the ones who struggle, from families who live comfortably to those well below the poverty line — our teachers see it all. I have the pleasure of travelling from building to building and observing both kids and teachers. I see eager learners and I see those who sometimes cry because they struggle. There is one constant though — the helping and caring hands of a teacher. These educators don’t see social or economic status, they see a student with potential who is looking for direction for their future.

Now, you may think I am only saying this because I work for the schools, but that is simply not true. I have a son who is on the autism spectrum; before I even stepped foot in the district as an employee, I witnessed, up close and personal, the attention and patience teachers have with all kids.

I could do the normal levy support letter and give you all the financial information but I wanted to be different. Yes, for us to continue to succeed, we need the community’s support. We need this renewal, so we can move forward, not backward. Our kids deserve it.

Why have I always voted “yes”?

As a child, Sidney City Schools helped mold me into the person I am, and at some point, someone voted “yes” for me. As a resident, it is imperative to have a successful school district. As a parent, I vote “yes” so my son and other kids continue to get the help and resources they need and deserve, and so that all kids get the same opportunities I had as a student. Finally, when I see a kid coming to school wearing the same clothes he has worn for a few days, knowing his time at school that day may very well be the best part of his day, I vote “YES.”

Please vote “yes” on Nov. 6 to help our children and schools moving forward!

Jamie L. Whited