Vote “YES” for Sidney City Schools

To the editor:

Strong schools are the foundation of successful communities. There are many reasons the Sidney City Schools need our support in the upcoming election.

Adequate funding is needed to maintain the school’s buildings and grounds. Regular maintenance of buildings keeps the buildings in excellent condition and extends their usefulness, thereby avoiding the need to construct new facilities. Well maintained facilities provide a pleasant environment for student learning and teacher instruction.

Good schools produce quality students who become productive citizens in our society. These students will be our workforce of tomorrow. In a time when our businesses sorely need employees, the graduating students can immediately find job opportunities. If they wish to further their education, many companies will provide tuition assistance to help pay for college or trade school training. Local businesses need workers. If those workers are not available, businesses may have to look elsewhere to expand their companies. In addition, if a good workforce is not available, it will be difficult or impossible to attract new companies to our area.

Our graduates also become our community leaders. An excellent education will inspire students to participate in shaping the direction of our communities. These future leaders will certainly be needed as we shape a successful future for Sidney and Shelby County. No doubt there are many challenges facing a growing economy. Well-educated graduates will be vital to understand and confront these opportunities.

Finally, current and prospective home owners look to the schools to provide a quality education for their children. Families considering a move to our community want the assurance that their children receive a high-quality education. If they have that assurance, they are much more likely to locate here. If not, they are likely to move to other districts even though they maintain jobs here. As a result, good schools help maintain and increase property values and promote residential development

These are just a few reasons the voters need to approve the Sidney City Schools levy on Nov. 6. Take pride in Sidney City Schools. Please vote “YES” for Sidney City Schools.

Mike Dodds