Vote ‘YES’ for school levy

To the editor:

I am asking for your “YES” vote on Nov. 6, 2018, for the Sidney City Schools. This is a renewal, for 10 years, of the 9.23 mill emergency property tax levy.

A yes vote for this renewal will simply maintain our school districts funding of educational programs and services. Programs such as all-day kindergarten, Vo-Ag/FFA, Workforce Academy, computer technology courses, and College Credit Plus (CCP) courses will be funded without disruption. Other valuable resources like Chromebooks/iPads (grade level dependent) throughout the district and dedicated Security Officers in every building will be continued without asking for additional money from taxpayers.

I am a lifelong resident of Sidney, I attended Sidney City Schools, as did my children, and grandchildren. I currently have a great-granddaughter attending Sidney Schools. I believe we all received an excellent education, making us ready to be productive citizens in the world we lived in at the time. Times do change and many of the programs I have listed above were not available for myself or my children. Our world has changed, new and advanced learning techniques are necessary for our students to be successful in this new world.

I am asking for your “YES” vote on the Sidney City Schools Tax Levy Renewal, so that our children today and in the coming years have every opportunity to be productive citizens in our community, our country and in our world.

Lynn Kearns