Vote “Yes” for Sidney City Schools

To the editor:

With the upcoming election, it is so important to know the facts before casting your vote because it can be very confusing! I feel the need to address the facts on the emergency renewal for Sidney City Schools. The word “emergency” is used because, though in general, it is just like a normal levy, there is no growth allowed — it still needs to be renewed to meet expenses. It originally was passed in November 2009, renewed again in May 2014.

Because it is a renewal there is a continuance of two property tax credit programs, the 10 percent rollback, and a 2.5 percent. Should the levy not be renewed, these rollbacks will be lost, as new levies do not qualify for tax rollbacks. Remember, this is a renewal at no extra cost.

Our schools are so important to our community, and our children. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Superintendent Mr. Humble at 937-497-2220.

The right direction is so evident now and so important for years to come. Vote “Yes” for Sidney City Schools!

Sharon Money