Vote ‘Yes’ for Sidney School levy

To the editor:

On Nov. 6, 2018, Sidney City Schools will ask voters to renew the 9.23 mill emergency property tax levy that was originally passed in 2009 and was renewed on May 6, 2014. If this levy is not renewed, the district will lose $4.4 million dollars in funding. This would be detrimental, indeed.

The renewal of the 9.23 mill property tax levy is not a new or additional tax. Therefore, passage of the levy will not lead to extra money flowing into the district. A renewal of the levy will simply allow the district to maintain current programming and services without interruption, and it will require Sidney City Schools to continue to live within its means.

Property owners will want to take advantage of renewing this levy in 2018 because a renewal of this levy qualifies it for the continuation of the 10 percent and 2.5 percent rollbacks currently in effect. The 10 percent and 2.5 percent rollbacks are in essence a reduction in an individual’s property tax. Should we not renew this levy in 2018, a new levy in the future will not qualify for the rollbacks.

Sidney City Schools continues to have wonderful opportunities available to all students. Personally, I have an eighth grader currently attending Sidney Middle School and I have two graduates of Sidney City Schools attending The Ohio State University in Columbus. My eighth grader has gotten a great education since day one at Sidney City Schools while participating in sports, music and student council. And Sidney City Schools did a wonderful job preparing my older kids for college by offering advanced placement and dual enrollment classes through Edison State Community College. The teachers and administrators are top notch and have always offered a prompt and caring response anytime I’ve had a question related to my children’s education or extra-curricular activities. We need to keep these positive attributes of Sidney City Schools alive. Please vote yes to make this happen.

Lisa Brady