Keeping the promise alive: Vote ‘YES’ for Sidney Schools levy

To the editor:

As a volunteer in this community for 28 years and counting, mostly working with youth, there are times my focus has to be on the adults, and this is one of them.

Remember that day when you found out that you were expecting? I do — excitement, fear, happiness, and all the other emotions. Think of that day for a minute; once you settled yourself, what were some of the first thoughts that entered your minds, as it pertained to the little one on the way? Once you had home and security taken care of what was next? Future. How will I prepare and secure the future for him/her? As you held your bundle of joy for the first time, nothing seemed too good or out of reach.

In time we settle down some, but still focus on what we need to do to secure a bright and vibrant future for him/her. Along the way we are faced with obstacles and challenges in keeping that promise we made to ourselves and our little one. Health, employment, and wages to name a few, and all along in the backs of our minds is the “promise,” making those obstacles seem even bigger. On this journey our little ones are growing, and growing fast; our obstacles continue, possibly changing some in nature, and we lose sight of our little ones. Today I challenge you all to take a minute and stare into the eyes of your sons and daughters and see that little bundle of joy they once were, and realize it’s them.

Please join me this Nov. 6 in voting “YES” for the Sidney School Renewal Levy. Here is that chance to renew that promise once made, keep it alive, and continue to give them every opportunity possible to be successful in their futures and life. Sidney City Schools is the place to start — all-day kindergarten, Ag/FAA, computer technology, College Credit Plus and so much more. We all have an opportunity to make an all-inclusive difference in our community. From increases in employment opportunities, higher wage jobs, and community growth. All these things we stand to gain with our “YES” vote for Sidney Schools renewal levy while not having any extra expenses to our everyday budgets.

Ronald Burns