Vote for Jordan for Congress

To the editor:

Recently there was a letter to the editor that needs addressing. I will not say who wrote it but the writer was embarrassed and dismayed by our Fourth District Congressman Jim Jordan, in which he (Jordan) is sadly, due to extreme gerrymandering, discrediting and undermining the independence of the Justice Department and the FBI. It is not only shameful, but frankly un-American. Jordan continues to push a “deep state” conspiracy to further divide this country.

I also quote the letter writer, that he has had enough of politicians who are divisive. Now, it seems to me that he is talking about the liberal left Democrats, that have been chasing Republicans, spitting, calling them names, and in general, just being nasty to all of the Republicans. After all, it was the Democrat Senators that held up the vote for the Supreme Court judge by telling lies about Judge Kavanaugh, embarrassing him, his wife and their children. So that writer should be embarrassed by his party and the way they act.

Now here come’s a kicker — Janet Garrett come’s out with a bunch of puppets showing how Jordan acts and dresses. I didn’t know she was a puppeteer. That sure isn’t one that I would want to represent me. Not that a puppeteer isn’t good but, why would a grown woman running for Representative want to make fun of a very good man that is already doing a great job, dresses fine, and I’m sure he doesn’t cover his ears when someone talks to him. My family and I choose Jim Jordan to represent us, as he has done so since 1998, and then became our Representative for the 4th district in 2006. Since then, he has been on numerous committees He is known for being one of Congress’s most conservative members, he has voted consistently for anti-abortion and he has been a leading a critic of President Obama’s HAMP, advocating for it’s shut down. He has supported production and upgrade of the M1 Abrams tanks in his district. And yes, he did seek to discredit the FBI and the Mueller special counsel investigation about Russian interference in the election of 2016. So that is why my family and I are voting for Jim Jordan.

Carleton Umstead