Vote ‘Yes’ for the school levy

To the editor:

On Tuesday Nov. 6, voters will be asked to renew for 10 years, the 9.23 mill emergency property tax levy. This is not a new tax, nor will it increase funding for Sidney City Schools. A renewal will simply maintain student programs, educational services and instruction at their current levels. We have a progressive and frugal administration in place that is working hard to implement compelling programs while staying within the budget. Schools need differentiated programs that appeal to a broad range of interests and career paths, so all students will be prepared for future success.

Sidney is fortunate to have many high-quality manufacturing companies in this area, for students looking to start their career right after graduation, Sidney High School (SHS) offers a program just for them. Workforce Academy prepares students with critical skills that are required to obtain a job and to become effective employees (communication, character, interview and teamwork skills are just a few things they learn about in the program).

For students taking the college route, SHS promotes rigorous academic pursuits and provides a wide variety of options to college-ready students. College Credit Plus allows for students to attain college credit while still in high school. The college prep and accelerated classes taught at SHS challenge students and prepare them to have a competitive edge in college and beyond.

In addition, Sidney Schools offer more than 70 extracurricular activities for students. As the mother of four children in the district, it’s important that each of my kids can find an activity they’re personally interested in. Programs like key club, student government and cross-country do far more than entertain students for a few hours after school each week. Studies show they are the best way to help children develop their individual personality, cut down on emotional stress, and enhance social skills that will benefit them in the future.

All these programs have one thing in common and that is they build character in children. They spark something on the inside that says “yes, I can connect with that, I want to know more!” Our schools can’t survive on the bare minimum and continue putting together high-quality programs. We need to renew the levy on Nov. 6 …. the future of this community depends on the quality of education we provide our kids today!

Andrea Steenrod