A plea for Jordan to support HJR 2

To the editor:

Ohioans are tired of gridlock in our Congress and want to see our legislators work together to solve our country’s problems. Constituents — Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike — also wonder if our best interests are being represented when wealthy donors give unlimited contributions to influence elections and government policies, at the expense of ordinary people.

With that in mind, American Promise members in Ohio are contacting their US Representatives throughout January by postcards, emails, phone calls, or office visits. Our message is: pledge to get excessive and hidden money out of elections and governance by joining the cross-partisan effort in Congress for a 28th amendment to the US Constitution.

As a constituent of Congressman Jim Jordan in the 4th District, I am asking him to soften his partisan stance and join this effort. HJR 2, the Democracy for All Amendment, has been introduced in the House with bi-partisan support. This amendment is the fundamental reform we need to strengthen a political system dominated by money. It deserves support of Republicans and Democrats alike.

American Promise wants a strong democratic government of, by, and for the people. And with a new Congress comes new opportunity. We ask Representative Jordan to listen to his constituents and support HJR 2.

Ellen Greene Bush

Port Clinton