Family appreciates help

To the editor:

It is hard to believe what one letter to the editor did for our family. I knew our town had good people, but I guess I just never expected the response that we got.

A very nice lady from Lima named Audrey Thompson came over to our home the day the letter came out. She told me a bicycle would be here on Sunday and she and her friend Roger delivered a bike to our door. We appreciated the bike very much and he rode it that day quite a while and it was cold.

Another gentleman called on Monday and offered a bike also.

We also had a charity call and he got a new bike even though we told them he had gotten a bike. From the charity he also got a lot of other gifts, as did his sister.

This was a godsend for us. We have had a lot of things to work through this year. Things ended really good for the children and we would like to thank everyone who helped us.

Hope his bike from great uncle is giving someone pleasure.

Also, someone sent money. Thank you and God bless!

Karen Taylor and family