Project requests paper stars

To the editor:

Ohio Paper Folders, a nonprofit origami arts education organization, has been working on a public art project with Medicine and The Arts at Ohio State University/James Cancer Hospital/Ohio State University Hospital, which we’re calling Wish Upon A Star. This is a celebration, a tribute to the endurance of human spirit. We’re collecting origami stars, at the hospital/campus/and OPF, which can be any style of model and made of any type of paper. The stars can be large or small. You can write messages or prayers on your star or insert messages inside your star. You can add photos of loved ones who are fighting illness or have passed or who’ll live beyond you. This is an expression of hope, prayer, defiance and love for everyone who’s been ill or loved someone who’s been ill, for both survivors and nonsurvivors. For any spirit you’ve ever loved. If you want to include a story about the spirit your honoring, we’d be happy to have that, as well. We’ll be sharing the stories on the website, so please do not include any personal information which needs to be kept secure.

The stars we collect from everyone will be prepared and displayed in an exciting and dynamic way, which will allow the completed piece to be moved to various sites around the hospital and campus of Ohio State so that students, staff, visitors and patients will all be able to enjoy. You may send your stars to us at P. O. Box 264, Granville, OH 43023. We’ll be collecting stars for the next several weeks. Please have your stars to us by Feb. 14, 2019.

Monica Salisbury

Founder and President

Ohio Paper Folders