Consider why doctor appointments run behind

To the editor:

Sitting in a doctors office about 15 minutes or maybe a half hour past your appointment. Ever happen to you?

Well, it happens a lot, and I think we should try to think about what is going on behind all those closed doors. Maybe a woman who has cancer, maybe a man whose taking treatments for prostrate trouble, maybe someone just there for a checkup. But there is a reason for that doctor to be running late.

He is trying to help someone get better or even stay alive. It is hard to put a time on a visit when there is a life involved.

Oh, I know, why does he have so many booked? Did you ever think of how many people are sick who need attention? Like you, they are there for a good reason.

We have to look at the doctors side of the day. All day and night he is on call; office hours, nursing homes and sometimes taking over for another doctor.

I have learned that I have the best doctor and had him for 40 years. I know what he goes through with just my family and myself. — Multiply that by the hundreds of patients he has. They care about us, and I am sure they take many concerns home with them. They are only human too. We grow attached to our doctors, and they to us.

Let’s cut our doctors some slack and try to understand what a 24-hour-day is like. What it would be like to try his/her best to make people well or just to stay alive.

God has chosen certain special people to be doctors. God knows, because the doctors I have all talk about our god.

I say we should be thankful for our doctors and maybe that waiting may be helping to save a life; someone’s mother, father, husband, wife, sister, brother, etc.

Charmane L. Fogt