Don’t vote blindly for either party

To the editor:

Regarding Ms. Newman’s article in Saturday’s SDN, millennials are not the only generation using the Internet. Senior citizens are connected and doing research. Computers were invented by our generations. Seniors experienced war firsthand and saw communism in its homelands.

Learn how Obama attended a training institute to learn the methods of Marxist Saul Alinsky, author of “Rules for Radicals.” Read Hillary’s 92-page thesis pro Alinsky. His eight rules tell how to destroy and rebuild as a Marxist nation. 1. Control health care 2. Increase poverty 3. Increase debt to unsustainable 4. Gun control 5. Control food, housing, income 6. Control schools 7. Remove religion 8. Use class (and race) warfare.

Voting “charisma” ignores the CFR, International Bankers’ meetings in Basil, Switzerland, Federal Reserve and Community Reinvestment Act all of which helped bring down our economy. Income levels have dropped 40 percent in the last seven years among the poorest.

Naval strength is down, even though JFK often quoted Alfred Thayer Mahan on the importance of sea power. Read “The Rockefeller Files” and learn what Kissinger has to say about how to control people via control of food, oil and banking? He is one of the most frequent visitors to Obama’s Oval Office.

Don’t vote blindly for either party. That would show lack of research. Check out facts of what politicians say. There is ballot-box corruption, just keep your eyes on your local Board of Elections, which is what you can control.

Drop into McD’s “Wall of Wisdom”— meet some of the war veterans who breakfast there and love the USA. Forget peers, their experience is no more than yours.

Linda Weber