Support ‘In God We Trust’

To the editor:

Recently an article was printed in the section of the paper written by Mr. Jerry Turner. He’s opposing the recent wording on the Sheriff’s vehicles, which reads, “In God We Trust.”

He stated it’s improper to have wording such as these displayed on the Sheriff’s Office’s vehicles. He stated that it was in the Constitution of the U.S. why it is improper. If he wishes to involve the government on this issue, may I remind him that the Constitution is only one part of the government. The treasury department as we know it is also part of the government body, which in turn, manufactures the currency coins. On them it is shown, “In God We Trust.”

We, the residents of Shelby County, own the Sheriff’s Office with our taxes. If Mr. Turner is not supporting or paying taxes to Shelby County, then he has no say on what is best for our county.

Mr. Turner, do you believe in these words? If so, you should have no problem with how they are displayed. If you are of a religious background of any faith, then this issue that you wrote about should not be of an issue at all.

I believe this county has a strong religion belief, in all faith. The words “In God We Trust” is the right thing, no matter how it is displayed.

Don’t let one individual decide what is right or wrong for our county. We must stand strong in our belief in communities and God. I do have a lot I wish to say on this issue but my words are limited, not like the space Mr. Turner had.

We all must stand strong. We must support the Sheriff’s Office on this issue. If Mr. Jerry Turner is not of this county, he should take his opinion elsewhere. It’s not a political issue, so send him a small letter supporting this issue. We, the people, will decide what is best for the county, not one.

John Flaute