Vote Carter for Sidney Municipal Court judge

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Gary Carter for Sidney Municipal Court judge.

The first thing that comes to mind when considering Gary for the judge position is his long (more than 28 years) and successful experience as a magistrate in the Shelby County court system. In that position, he has unfailingly managed a courtroom with efficiency, fairness, and compassion in dispensing justice for Shelby County individuals and families.

Having served for eight years as your county auditor, I had an uncommon perspective to be aware of Mr. Carter’s activities and his reputation. During my entire term in office, I never heard even one complaint about the way he performed his crucial role or his personal demeanor either inside or outside the courtroom.

In addition to this, I am impressed with Gary’s choices of community involvement and, in particular, his lifetime membership in the Shelby County Right to Life organization. I believe a candidate’s position on this most basic issue is an acid test to measure true conservatism. A person with Gary’s concern for the most vulnerable among us as well as his impeccable legal credentials make him the ideal candidate as a judge in Shelby County.

As I prepared to write this, I chanced to read a letter to the Sidney Daily News by a supporter of Gary’s opponent in the Republican primary. This writer (presumably just being ill-informed or by a slip of the pen) stated that Steven Geise has served as a magistrate in Shelby County for more than 20 years. In fact, he has served in that position for not much more than two years. Gary Carter is the candidate with the kind of experience that the writer posited as an important qualification in this race.

With Gary, you know exactly what to expect. His record is there for all to see. Please cast your vote for Municipal Court Judge in the May 7 Republican primary for Gary Carter.

Denny York