Support the income tax levy on May 7

To the editor:

Public safety is of paramount concern for all the citizens of Sidney. And public safety begins with capable, accessible fire and police protection. In any emergency situation response time is critical. Minutes saved can mean the difference between life and death. Constructing a satellite fire and emergency station in the northern part of the city will ensure that residents and businesses in the area will be afforded the fastest possible response to whatever the emergency, be it fire, personal injury or serious health trauma . The .3 percent income tax levy will provide the funding for that needed project to become a reality and serve the community for decades to come.

Similarly, by passing the .3 percent income tax levy the quality improvement of our city streets will continue — another vital community need. Progress over the past five years is obvious and this work must continue.

Collected restricted revenues will be split equally between these two critical community needs. Social Security, pensions, and investment, disability and interest income will not be taxed.

I strongly urge all Sidney voters to support the .3 percent Municipal Taxable Income Levy on May 7.

John Dunlap