Geise gets voter support

To the editor:

Steven Geise is a hardworking, dependable and trustworthy man who is running for the Republican primary candidate for Municipal Court judge on May 7. He was born and raised in Shelby County and has been a lifelong member of the Republican Party. He graduated from the Ohio State University and completed his law degree at Capital University while working a full-time job. His dedication and experience in the business world prior to obtaining his law degree combined with his many years of law practice make him an outstanding candidate.

Steve has been the solicitor for the village of Anna and worked as an attorney for the Shelby County public defender’s office. He is currently a part-time magistrate for the Shelby County Juvenile Court and still maintains his solo law practice. Although some may believe that only the number of years as a magistrate is the defining quality to become a judge, experience is not just measured by the amount of time served as a magistrate but by the people you represent and serve in court and the working experience you gain being on the other side of the bench. Steve’s many years of experience come from both sides.

Steve is a man of strong family values. Regardless of his beliefs, he would never let his personal values influence his judgment when rendering any ruling or work for his client. He and his wife, Julie, have raised their two children with strong values and hardworking ethics. His community involvement has included serving as a volunteer on the CASA board and the Shelby County Counseling Center board. He has been involved with the youth in the area by coaching in the Shelby County Youth Soccer Association and CYO basketball. He is currently the vice president of the Shelby County Bar Association, among many other volunteer activities.

We have known Steve our entire life, and he exhibits all the strong characteristics that would make him an outstanding judge. Please exercise your right to vote on May 7 and join us in supporting Steven Geise as the Municipal Court judge in the Republican primary.

John and Kathy Westerheide