SHS class of ‘64 seeks classmates

To the editor:

As the Sidney High class of 1964 plans their 55th reunion, many thoughts and memories come to mind.

It was the time of the rotary phone. A cell phone was outside the bars down the hall. You had to dial the “operator” to make a long distance call. Probably shared a “party line”?

Everyone was dancing the night away with Chubby Checkers’s new dance — “The Twist.” A group of Brits invaded the U.S. with a new sound and haircuts! Suddenly Beatle Boots were the rage.

Friday nights were in Eagles Park in Minster. Saturdays, Jim’s Place in Botkins. Live music both places.

Two downtown corners dominated the teen hangouts. Obviously The Spot corner, and directly across was the world famous southwest corner of the Court House Square. We always joked that maybe someday, they would put a monument there. We got the monument, but not the one we wanted.

As the committee plans the evenings’ (Aug. 16 and 17) events, there are those we cannot locate. Any help with those below would be greatly appreciated. Time is important.

Ron Burchnell, Mary Jo Debrosse, Jim Kochersperger, Lola Martin, Dennis Meyer, Lois Noffsinger, Michael Poe, Jerry Lee Schmidt, Mary Jo Walters, Cindy Wiley.

Anyone having information should contact George Kyser,

…later alligator.

Jon Johnson