Veteran commends SHS junior

To the Editor:

As a retired Marine and Vietnam veteran, I wish to commend Sidney High School Junior Cole Hoffman for his efforts to place special parking signs for Purple Heart veterans and those with PTSD throughout the city.

I am sure this project will receive the support of local businesses and industry as well as the citizens of the Sidney community.

I am glad to see Sidney City Council supporting this project as well. When I served on City Council, the members declined to offer reduced rates for ceterans at the city swimming pool. I suggested reduced rates for our wounded veterans and those with combat related PTSD and that proposal was also declined. In fact, Councilwoman Janet Born stated “I don’t think those veterans with PTSD should be around kids at the swimming pool. You don’t know what they might do.” I was shocked by her statement and the next day I listened to the official taped recording of the meeting and made a copy which I provided to therapists at the Dayton VA.

She did apologize for her remarks at a later meeting.

I hope the city will let these signs be installed at parking areas of all City buildings and recreation areas. I further hope the first sign will be installed at the Sidney Swimming Pool.

Charles Craynon