Vote ‘YES’ for the tax levy

To the editor:

A recent poll of Sidney residents identified that among their top concerns were street repair and emergency services. The proposed 0.30 percent municipal income tax levy addresses both issues.

0.15 percent will replace the existing street levy, which expires at the end of the year. We have made significant progress in repairing the streets, thanks to the 2015 levy, but as any driver in town knows, the repairs need to be continued.

0.15 percent will fund fire department operations, including the construction of a third fire station. Due to the increasing number of emergency calls, (average of 11 per day) the additional station is necessary to maintain and improve the level of service taxpayers demand. In times of an emergency, prompt response saves lives.

I ask you to join me in voting “YES” for the municipal tax levy on May 7.

Steve Wagner

Fourth Ward Councilman