Vote for Carter for judge

To the editor:

There is no doubt Gary Carter is the candidate for the position for Sidney Municipal Court judge. Everyone strives to have good qualified individuals with the perfect abilities to bring balance to our justice system.

Gary Carter exemplifies the high qualities this position would require.

I had the privilege of working with Gary Carter when he first started his law office helping those with low income afford representation. He excelled in honesty, and was a very caring person with high morals helping families achieve.

He is very professional and serious in his work duties. There is also a pleasant side of Gary Carter; he is serious, but has a side for laughter and making his job surroundings have positive thought. He balances the negativity that judges see on a daily basis.

Gary is a team player — a quality our community needs — so on voting day, please vote for Gary Carter. He has my vote

Thank you,

Kathy Laframboise