Vote ‘YES’ for the tax levy on May 7

To the editor:

I simply wanted to write a brief note to say how vital the upcoming ballot issue is for the well-being of our community. Passage of the 0.30 percent income tax issue will help continue the great improvement that is already underway in our city.

We’ve already been able to address 60 percent of our streets and roads. We certainly don’t want that effort to stop.

In addition, the third fire station will greatly benefit all of us. The faster EMS personnel can reach someone having a stroke or heart attack the more likely it is that a life is saved.

In addition, we know that a fire doubles in size every minute. A fire is much smaller that has burned just three minutes than it is after eight or 10 minutes.

The only thing taxed is earned income. Your pension, Social Security, stocks, etc., will not be taxed.

Please vote “YES” on May 7.

Janet Born

At-large council member