Agape Distribution has served Shelby County 22 years

To the editor:

CBS News, Wednesday, May 1, 2019: 40,000,000 Americans struggle to put food on the table. For 22 years Agape Distribution has served income qualified families with free groceries. This year we have seen 7,584 individuals register representing 2,466 families. Often families receiving groceries are perceived as being unwilling to work, loafers, a drag on society, these are opinions offered to me personally. Allow me to paint the real picture.

A full 32 percent of our shoppers are working, 4 percent retired living on a fixed income and 27.5 percent receiving SS/SSI/SSD. These 4,800 folks (63 percent) are working or have worked, pay taxes as part of our community. Those receiving assistance have been vetted by the US Government, they have a need. These shoppers select the items they desire preserving dignity and self worth. It is a true shopping experience.

I give thanks daily for those who shop our aisles. They have a story, they are someones’ child, they still hope and dream and maybe, just maybe the nightmare of hunger will never catch them because of the Shelby County Miracle — Agape Distribution. We make it hard to go hungry!

Agape Distribution C.E.O., John L. Geissler