FISH seeks prom gowns

To the editor:

The mission of The FISH Thrift Shop has always been to help the citizens of our community — young and old.

We had a couple of girls come in our shop looking for prom gowns. These girls want to look as beautiful for that special event as the girls that can afford to purchase their gowns at large department stores. That is where FISH would like to come to the rescue. We know time is of the essence, so we are asking parents for help. Please ask your daughter to look through their closets for a prom gown they would be willing to donate so another girl can enjoy it. We would like to plan a “Prom Gown Party” where we open on a Saturday afternoon just for girls to purchase their gowns at extremely reduced prices. We have a few gowns already but are in need of more gowns, shoes and other accessories to complete their outfit.

The prom is an important event in a girl’s high school years, so we hope to make it memorable. With your help, we can do that.

As we have said many times, the citizens that support FISH are the BEST! Thanks for everything you do for our organization.

Becky Gillman

FISH president