2019: The year of abortion?

To the editor:

Which direction will America go?

Gov. Mike DeWine signed a new abortion bill; it was called the Heartbeat Abortion Bill. The latest version of this bill outlaws abortion once a heartbeat is detected. The Missouri Republican led House passed a law banning abortion after eight weeks of pregnancy. Alabama passed a bill restricting all abortions. In Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, and Mississippi, it is illegal to get an abortion once a heartbeat is detected.

New York has tragically legalized abortion up until birth, and if by chance the baby is born alive, it must be laid on a table while a doctor and the mother decide whether to keep the baby or let it die. Vermont is following the same path as New York. Most of the liberalized candidates on the Democrats’ side are trying to out duel each other on abortion. Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives is thinking of passing a bill to expand funding for abortions internationally.

According to a Planned Parenthood report from 2017-2018, 332,757 abortions were performed last year. That is up 11,000 from the previous year, and the most since 2012. The organization received $563.8 million in taxpayer funds, up $20 million from last year. They also racked in $244.8 million in profits, which is up nearly 150 percent.

The abortion industry had a lucrative year. The business of destroying babies in their mother’s womb is booming. Planned Parenthood continues to reap the profits from the deaths of innocent children. What can we do?

• Pray and put your prayers into action.

• Contact our government officials and ask them what they are doing to stop the direct killing of defenseless unborn babies. (Encourage them to reply.)

Help can be provided to a mother who is facing an unplanned pregnancy.

For a confidential consultation, including a free pregnancy test and ultrasound, call 937-498-4425.

For more information, visit www.womenscenterohio.com

Let’s fight for the ones who can’t speak for themselves.

Sally Naseman