Reader asks for feedback on Nike’s decision to pull Betsy Ross flag shoes

To the editor:

This letter to the editor is going out to 80 daily newspapers in Ohio plus another 50 student newspapers in Ohio’s colleges and universities.

I am a grandmother of nine on a budget, so I start my Christmas shopping in July. I am also a military mom and wife, so when I saw that Nike pulled the Betsy Ross flag tennis shoes because of one person’s objection you can imagine my disbelief and dismay. I am also an avid Ohio State University fan and was planning on shopping from my OSU alumni catalog for Christmas gifts. Can you imagine my dismay and disbelief when I saw that Nike has a contract with OSU to make their OSU gear and clothing apparel.

How many OSU fans feel as I do that we do not want one person’s objection to reflect our views on the flag and our country. Do you suppose that we all could change the outcome of a contract between OSU and Nike? Let’s give it a try. Please write your local newspaper and tell them your views. Let’s see if the power of the pen and the power of the pocketbook still have the last word.

Go Bucks! But not with my bucks!

Kathy Hennessy-Ball