Reader responds to recent letter writer’s stance

To the editor:

I have to question the logic of frequent letter writer Poindexter Dillard calling for the end of the meat industry (Aug. 15 SDN). Writer cites CO2 and UN data as support. Within the last couple years, a UN member said in an interview, they no longer care if global warming is real, as long as people think it is, and they can control them.

Climate is dictated by sun cycles, and it is now entering a grand solar minimum, with lessened sun spot activity, leading to much colder temperatures. The last minimum was during the great dust bowl, which was followed by very heavy snows. Lunar winds also factor in.

Writer fails to mention the role of another cycle which comes every 200,000 or so years, and which is now beginning. The Earth’s magnetic poles, are beginning to reverse. At first, 10 miles a year, now, up to 40 miles per year. As the change progresses, we will see colder temps, disruptions in communication and are already seeing spots where radar is not working.

Politicians and food bans cannot change any of this. CO2 regulation will not stop it. Calling for the end of meat industry and meat consumption might leave people malnourished, when vegetable or grain crops fail due to extreme cold, about which they were not warned. Farmers deserve the truth about it, as farmers in Australia are already seeing some of it begin.

The writer is free to pursue a meatless diet for lifestyle reasons, as is anyone. However, to force that belief on others is reckless. It is careless to call for shutting down ranches, meat processing industry, and retail sales, throwing people out of work, based on some unfounded idea it will save the planet. Not even close. Just because the UN says so, does not make it so, as they also call for an end to private property rights and capitalism, as unsustainable. Authors in “Climate Change: the facts” call the results of the IPCC a “shell game” and “para-science.” Dr. Illeana Paugh calls it “environmental piracy,” while Tom DeWeese has warned from the American Policy Center for 30 plus years, the real goal of this science is to transform us to a one world government.

Linda Weber