Agape Distribution supports, appreciates teachers

To the editor:

Back to school this year, Shelby County classrooms will be decorated with over 5,000 pounds of calendar themed decorations donated by Agape Distribution.

We support our educators and their quest to bring students to new levels. Teachers are miracle workers turning empty classrooms into fields of wonder we want to help. Who else can stimulate scientific imaginations, creating a glowing future? Open the yellowed pages of literature painting portraits of the past, present or future? Blend cold mathematics into practical, theoretical figures worthy of Newton or Einstein? Walk students through the fields of history, securing our genesis, or pop the lip on personal creativity? Freeing those to paint with bold, bright colors or find solace in the greens and blues? These are teachers paving the way to bright futures, sports careers, industry, commerce, discovery, self-fulfillment while becoming good citizens.

Yes, we support educators. They do the work, teaching open a sense of wonder for future generations.

Thank you Shelby County educators — you are doing a great job. I wish we could do more.

John L. Geissler

Agape Distribution