Vote for Carter for Municipal Court judge.

To the editor:

This is to recommend Gary Carter for Municipal Court judge in the upcoming election.

As a former public official, I have been aware for several years of Gary’s long and distinguished record of service as magistrate in the Shelby County Common Pleas Court. In his quiet and unassuming manner he went about dispensing justice daily for more than 28 years as a fair and unbiased jurist.

One thing I did not fully realize, however, is his unbelievable work ethic. In working with Gary in this campaign, it became apparent to me that he is tireless in reaching out to potential voters both in public and in visiting citizens at their own homes throughout the county.

I conducted several political campaigns on my own behalf and thought I worked pretty hard at it but I have to admit that Gary has outdone my efforts by a wide margin. He once mentioned to me that he has personally knocked on over 3,000 doors! It stands to reason that a person who works this hard and this smart on his campaign will apply that same energy and ability to his responsibilities as judge.

Some might ask why party is mentioned in this race. When Gary says that he is Republican, he is saying that he holds values which match our community. He is saying that he has a judicial philosophy of upholding the constitution and following the plain meaning of the law. People want a judge who shares their values, which is why they want to know the values of their judges. Gary is straightforward and honest about who he is. I know Gary will be a judge for everyone, regardless of party, because he has been fair and impartial over his 28 years as a magistrate. He couldn’t have remained magistrate while working in association with 4 different Common Pleas judges if he wasn’t impartial. Also, people’s political association never comes up in any court case, it simply isn’t relevant in applying the law.

I’m looking forward to the positive direction that Gary will take our courts and our county. Please vote for Gary Carter for Municipal Court judge.

Denny York