Vote for Carter for Municipal Court judge

To the editor:

My name is DiAnne Karas. I have been a resident and business owner/leader of Shelby County for 11 years.

I am writing to urge my community to vote for Gary Carter for our Municipal Court Judge.

When I first came to Sidney to open my practice, I was invited to join the Sidney Kiwanis and have been a member ever since. Gary Carter and I met at Kiwanis and we have served on many committees together. As a result, I have had the privilege of getting to know him and his family very well. Gary is honest, compassionate, level-headed, even-tempered, kind, reasonable, and in every capacity has proven himself to be a true servant/leader. He moves with wisdom, transparency, intentionality and virtue. In short, he is a good man. His family support him in this endeavor and are a testimony to the great example of the personal integrity we like to see our public servants demonstrate.

Our culture lauds the go-getter. The go-getter’s intent is often focused on what is in it for him. In my opinion, Gary is not a go-getter. He is something far better: Gary Carter is a Go-Giver. His mission is to serve our community with all his heart, soul, mind and strength. In my estimation, Gary will bring wisdom and sound judgment to the office, as well as his 28 years of experience as a magistrate, and 25 years as an attorney; and we will be, as I am, ever proud of him.


DiAnne Karas