Vote for Klingler for Clinton Township fiscal officer

To the editor:

This letter expresses my endorsement for Amy Moloney Klingler for Clinton Township fiscal officer for the upcoming election. I can attest that Amy would bring excellent credentials to this position with her dedication, trustworthiness and high level of integrity. Amy’s strong organizational and record-keeping skills would enhance her abilities for this position. Amy’s work history includes 30 dedicated years to The Ohio Lottery Commission (seven years in charitable gaming). This experience exemplifies her honest and reliable ethics. I’ve known Amy my entire life, and these qualities, along with her well-known commitment for accountability and incorruptible ethics will serve as a positive contribution in this position for the community. Amy has been a life-long resident of Clinton Township. She is well respected in her community and serves on the Shelby County Regional Planning Commission, as well as, volunteering as a tutor through United Way. I’m sharing my knowledge of Amy’s character and credibility to invite your support by voting for Amy Moloney Klinger for Clinton Township Fiscal Officer on Nov. 5. I believe she is a deserving candidate for this position and would prove to be indispensable.

Michele Allison