Vote for Gary Carter for judge

To the editor:

Gary Carter for judge, a man with drive and ambition, and his actions speak louder than his words. He is a very wise man with an impeccable background and out-reach to his community to what you serve with the highest standards. A man that wants change for the better with conservative values and is just as human as any one else when he hangs up his robe and puts his gavel away. I get the feeling he truly is in it to win it and to change the image that our community faces. He will be fair and balanced; not one sided and knows there are two sides to every case that comes in front of him. I talked to Carter and he believes in second chances if the case warrants it. I believe in his transparency, integrity his love for his country and community and his humble outlook on life that’s why I will vote Carter in the November’s election.

Nicholas Inman