Reader speaks on levies on upcoming ballot

To the editor:

I try to get into things that go on here in Sidney unless it effects my house hold, don’t get me wrong there are things that go that I go with and there are things that I don’t agree with. I looked over the pamphlet that came to my house that involves the Property Tax for the Historical Society, I thought it would be a good thing until I read about that the money that would be paid to help out other’s that would be in trouble in their area’s. I will be voting against this Levy, reason being is that my wife and I are on a fixed, we both are retired and live on a fixed income. It takes an arm and leg to keep our house hold going. The property Tax’s are eating us alive and I am getting real tired of it, every time there is a levy they want to go to the Home Owners to bail them out ! The School System is asking for money and they are still sitting on that $20 Million Dollars, oh they say that they got into the General Fund which were this money is, but the thing is that they didn’t even but a dent in to it. And just not to long ago got a Grant from the State for $750.000.00 for something (can’t remember what it was for). If these levies keep going after home Owner’s, our taxes keep going up and up. My Home Owner’s Insurance and Flood Insurance keep going every time there is a Flood or Tornado some where, and I never ever have filed a claim on my house, but they keep going up no matter what. So I am asking all the Home Owners to turn these Levies down. It’s the only way that were are going to stop them . I’m sorry but I can’t see much more of these tax’s going up. I have paid more than my share.

James Burnside