Writer supports Amy Moloney Klingler

To the editor:

I choose Amy Moloney Klingler for Clinton Townships Fiscal Officer and confidently recommend you do as well. As the election days are coming nearer, I wish to get people like you to take a closer look at Amy Moloney Klingler and why she is the best choice for Fiscal Officer.

I believe that Amy possesses the qualities of a good leader and she can be an excellent role model for the community. Amy Klingler is devoted and truly immersed into every aspect of Clinton township. I have personally seen the incredible dedication she has for her community, whether it be being a part of the Reginal Planning Commission, volunteering for United Way, encouraging the success of several local business. She is courteous, honest and always follows through. Amy is astute in accounting and exercised her expertise for thirty years at Ohio Lottery. Her leadership is uniquely collaborative and purposed with making sure people see the results they want and need. I believe Amy would represent Clinton Township with great honor and ensure that the Townships best interest would be priority.

I want to give and show my support to this dedicated and trustworthy candidate. Thank you for your time, and I hope you will join me in supporting Amy Moloney Klingler for Clinton Townships Fiscal Officer.


Jessica Albers