Trump should take a stand against EPA

To the editor:

I encourage President Trump and his administration to not only take a stand on behalf of Ohio’s corn farmers by setting a policy that encourages the use of more Ohio-made ethanol in the future, but to take a stand against the EPA as well.

The EPA has given big oil companies secret exemptions that allow them not to blend ethanol. The impact has been enormous: Ohio’s ethanol plants have purchased millions of bushels less of corn than they normally do. That means millions of dollars gone from the pockets of Ohio farmers. President Trump has announced he’s ending the secret exemptions and getting things back on track, but the EPA keeps undermining him. What matters now is how quickly we can restore demand for Ohio farmers and put biofuel gallons back to work for America’s economy. Any new delays from the EPA will only extend the pain and make it harder to repair the damage.

Chad Kemp

Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers District 6 board member