Reader comments on Pelosi’s views

To the editor:

On Dec. 5, 2019, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi reinforced my feeling as to why I cannot tolerate her and the political party she represents. After her press conference that day, regarding the impeachment process, she answered a few questions.

The first question concerned the climate change issue. In her answer she said, “God created this world and we must preserve all His creation”. Nancy, your concern for what the good Lord created seems to be just the opposite when it comes to the beautiful creation He places in the mother’s womb. At that point, when asked about abortion, your political need to obtain and maintain the liberal female vote trumps (no pun intended!) your desire to “…preserve His wonderful creation(s) …” Save the planet the Lord made, but not the human beings He created in the womb. Hmmmm!

As she turned to leave the podium at the end of the press conference she was asked, “Do you hate President Trump”? She quickly returned to the microphone and said that she does not hate anyone and that she prays for the President every day. She continued, “I was raised Catholic and was taught not to apply that word (hate) to anyone. I hate no one”.

So, when the word hate is placed on her plate, she invokes her Catholic training and upbringing. But, when the term abortion is on that same plate, her Catholic faith and its teachings do not apply. Why not Mrs. Speaker?

Larry Wilberding